RingCentral Virtual Phone System Becoming Popular with Online Merchants

Internet companies and online retailers are steadily adopting small business phone systems (Virtual PBXs in geek-speak) like RingCentral’s small business phone system.

These retailers’ fast adherence is no surprise, as Virtual PBXs’ price/benefit ratio (from $9.95/month for virtually everything you need in a phone system) mirrors that of other services those Internet companies likely also purchase. Think:

>> Web hosting: No Equipment, low monthly fee

>> Internet access: Minimal equipment, low monthly fee

>> Online support interface for customers: No Equipment, no software, low monthly fee

>> HR Management ASP (Application Service Provider) solutions: No software, low monthly fee

>> Internet Faxing: Low monthly fee, no hardware.

Do you see a pattern here? Like other critical business functions, telephone systems are moving away from the “in-house, high initial capital spend” to outsourced, “software/systems as a service” model.

The real beauty is the explosive advantages that these solutions — all of them — provide to ambitious organizations like the retailers that are using RingCentral Now, ambitious startups and small business owners can really start out in a garage, and receive all the assets much bigger firms can employ for a fraction of the cost. The moniker “virtual”, combined with the fantastic Internet, telecommunications, and software solutions available to the layman, are inspirational motivators for budding entrepreneurs.

Look for Virtual PBXs (or “Hosted” Small Business Phone Systems) to supplant the traditional, more expensive “box with wires” PBX solution very quickly in the coming months.

You can read online retailers’ impressions of RingCentral and other virtual voice services here.