Simplified Discussion of IP Phone Systems

Modern technology has invented the IP phone systems that are fast becoming implemented in small, medium, and even big companies. For a non-technical personnel, this type of phone system can seem daunting for sounding too high-technology and might seem difficult to understand. This attempts to simplify the discussion about IP phone systems for anyone to understand its operation, purpose, benefits, and disadvantages.

The main purpose of IP systems are to make communication lines for business more far reaching and accessible because it ties up with the Internet for its lines connections. The old PBX phone systems used the PSTN networks that can be considered analog and more likely limited in terms of reaching a global communication line.

IP systems use protocols using the Internet to access different communication lines around the globe either in hardware or software modules. Software modules are down-loadable programs or applications that can virtually give you a phone line to connect with anyone in the world by either chat, voice, or video modes. Hardware versions on the other hand has a module unit usually called an IP phone set that is hooked up into the Internet lines provider much like the typical land line phones in homes. The only difference between the two is that the first can have more electronic features like email details in its unit while the other is limited only to audio communications. Either way, the main thing about IP phone systems is that they all need Internet connection to be able to function.

The advantages of the IP phone systems can be clearly seen on its additional electronic features and the unlimited reach of the communication connections. But there are other factors to consider too when you are considering to switch from analog to IP systems.

Additional power consumption from the devices required by the IP systems should be considered. Routers and IP phone units can consume power since they should be online for 24 hours. Internet access is required by these IP systems and can be an additional surcharge to your monthly Internet service provider billing. Poor quality in voice calls can be experienced due to heavy congestion in the IP networks; this means that too many people connection lines at one time. They are not as reliable like their satellite phone cousins and hi-latency Internet connections.

Being a business owner, you might want to list down the pros and cons of installing or replacing your current phone systems with the IP. You should be able to talk to a communications technicians the expenses incurred in putting up this type of business communication. There are hundreds of choices in modern telecommunications for your type of business and chose what works for you. Just having a brief and informed idea on the possible choice you have can greatly aid in your drawing of conclusion which systems would it be.

In installing any phone systems, be sure to have a legitimate connection so you can demand the right technical support and customer care services when things go technically wrong. Find out your local electronic shops for bargain units but you can also browse online shops for other IP units or routers. Investment is necessary to keep up with the fast changing ways of business processing. You do not want to be left behind by the technology especially if your business happens to be online.

Swyx Phone Systems

Swyx is a renowned market leader in the internet protocol (IP) telephony market across major countries in Europe. This is technology that uses the internet’s packet switched connections to exchange various forms of communication that previously used the connections of the public switched telephone network. Swyx has been providing these services to businesses since it was established 11 years ago.

Swyx Phone Systems are software based communication tools that are tailored for all businesses whether large or small. These software applications are especially suitable for workers who operate in remote areas and businesses that are growing, since they are software based as opposed to hardware based. As a result they are more preferable in terms of both cost and scalability. As a software applications company Swyx offers standard functions which other players usually charge a premium for. Its software applications work with Microsoft which allows it to integrate seamlessly into the existing network environment. This in turn gives the user an opportunity to enjoy such applications as unified messaging, call recording and conferencing capabilities they would otherwise not enjoy. Its applications which support Microsoft allow the user to enjoy common Windows features such as drag and drop, call handling and the right click options.

The client interface uses an application known as SwyxIt. The SwyxIt application gives its users unparalleled ability through a skin-able function that allows one to customize the visual interface to suit individual business requirements. SwyxIt gives your computer the ability to function as a convenient and easily operated telephone. The computer also acts as a universal communication device which enables it to enjoy all the benefits of unified communications. Apart from the normal telephony functions, SwyxIt also has wide convenience functions such as initiating teleconferences, intelligent call forwarding and an integrated messenger for instant messages.

Swyx phone systems also offer the SwyxWare software. The compact version is the first IP telephony application that is made to cater for businesses with a maximum of ten users. It also provides the features and cost savings that are found in using IP telephony in a single solution and also at the right price. SkyWare compact provides a combination of applications that provide the complete solution for the small business. It provides all the telephony system needs for every employee in a small business. The SwyxWare essential software platform is made to fulfill the requirements of medium to large sized businesses. It provides full IP telephony functions while at the same time achieving efficiencies in calling costs and business communications improvements.

These phone systems from Swyx offer clear benefits to any business with any of their applications. They offer scalability in terms of the number of employees they can support and can also integrate with Microsoft, providing easy communication. They are also cost effective in their application and are easier to manage and install. The applications from this telephone systems Northeast Mississippi company also offer improved productivity per person and easier administration since they use one network. Swyx promises that its products are the best for small and medium companies involved in the IP telephony market.

RingCentral Virtual Phone System Becoming Popular with Online Merchants

Internet companies and online retailers are steadily adopting small business phone systems (Virtual PBXs in geek-speak) like RingCentral’s small business phone system.

These retailers’ fast adherence is no surprise, as Virtual PBXs’ price/benefit ratio (from $9.95/month for virtually everything you need in a phone system) mirrors that of other services those Internet companies likely also purchase. Think:

>> Web hosting: No Equipment, low monthly fee

>> Internet access: Minimal equipment, low monthly fee

>> Online support interface for customers: No Equipment, no software, low monthly fee

>> HR Management ASP (Application Service Provider) solutions: No software, low monthly fee

>> Internet Faxing: Low monthly fee, no hardware.

Do you see a pattern here? Like other critical business functions, telephone systems are moving away from the “in-house, high initial capital spend” to outsourced, “software/systems as a service” model.

The real beauty is the explosive advantages that these solutions — all of them — provide to ambitious organizations like the retailers that are using RingCentral Now, ambitious startups and small business owners can really start out in a garage, and receive all the assets much bigger firms can employ for a fraction of the cost. The moniker “virtual”, combined with the fantastic Internet, telecommunications, and software solutions available to the layman, are inspirational motivators for budding entrepreneurs.

Look for Virtual PBXs (or “Hosted” Small Business Phone Systems) to supplant the traditional, more expensive “box with wires” PBX solution very quickly in the coming months.

You can read online retailers’ impressions of RingCentral and other virtual voice services here.