VoIP Phone System

A Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, transmission is initiated by converting voice into digital format. This can be done by Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) or by the computer itself using software. In the Public Switch Transmission Network (PSTN), the dialing of the number initiates the call by connecting the call to the public switch and routing the call to the correct party’s telephone number through the telephone network.

A VoIP network also has similar functions like that of PSTN, in addition to the IP provider and Internet Service Provider (ISP). The major components of a VoIP network are user devices (one or both ends), a call processing server, VoIP gateways, gatekeepers and an IP network. The user device consists of VoIP phones, traditional phones with accessories and computer-based devices. VoIP phones may be hard or soft phones.

A VoIP hard phone is like a traditional phone, but instead of a phone jack, it has an Ethernet port through which it communicates directly with a VoIP server or another VoIP phone. It doesn’t need a personal computer, only an internet connection. These hard phones may also come cordless.

A dialup hard phone is one with a built-in modem instead of an Ethernet port. A wifi hard phone is built with a wifi transceiver to connect to a wifi base station to be connected to a remote VoIP server. This can be used to transfer calls to a GSM network.

A soft phone is run by software in the computer. This requires appropriate hardware such as a microphone, a speaker or a USB port. Once dialed, the phone number is processed by the call processor, which is actually hardware running a database mapping program called soft switch; the software manages all connections. This is also called IP PBX (private branch exchange), similar to the PBX of the PSTN lines.

There are gateways and gatekeepers that control the call admission and bandwidth management. They also control the creation of IP packets that contain the voice data and other information about the call.

Finally, there is the IP network, which consists of distributed routers ensuring connectivity. This IP logical switch is referred to as the soft-switch architecture. These four components form the phone system for VoIP, in addition to the software and various protocols through which the call is smoothly communicated.

Cellphone Spyware: Worried About Your Partner? Set Your Mind at Ease With Cell Phone Spy Software

Let’s face it: no one likes the idea of their spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend cheating on them. Alas, in today’s digital age, it’s all too easy to find yourself wondering, especially if you notice them wracking up text bills or receiving calls at odd hours. Here are a few ways that cell phone spy software can benefit you and answer some much needed questions.

The benefit of cell phone spy software is that it enables you to keep an eye on your partner without them knowing. However, not all such software is the same. Here are a few things to look for in a quality spy software system.

What makes a software system work? Essentially, it should be compatible with a wide range of phones, whether your partner uses a BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian S60, Nokia, Android phones and more, as well as one of the thousands of smartphones out there.

Ideally, it should be able to track everything from phone conversations to texting. Some even track address book contents or snapshots taken with phone cameras! Most importantly, however, cell phone spy software should be able to track where their location is. Many manage to do this through a GPS, allowing you to track them via Google Maps. Finally, the software should be reliable and remain absolutely undetectable. Their price range varies as well, so be sure to choose something that works well without breaking your budget.

Installing the software is easy: simply create an account, install the software on the phone, reboot the phone, and you’re done! Once installed, the software will send you up to date information regarding your partner’s whereabouts, text logs, call history, context list, and more. There is no limit to how long the spy software will continue sending you updates-as long as the phone is on, you will be able to know where your partner is at any hour of the day or night.

Do you wish you could put those nagging questions plaguing your mind to rest? Don’t torment yourself with wondering. Whether you’re suspicious of your partner’s loyalty or you simply want to make sure he or she is safe during long business trips or grueling commutes home, this is an ideal piece of software for making sure you’re in the know.

Phone System Technology – Are Maintenance Protection Plans Worth Buying?

All businesses recognize the importance of phone system technology and their maintenance protection plan. However, many are looking for ways to reduce and cut outgoing costs due to economic conditions. We’ll highlight this area to understand if this is an expense that should be cut.

What happens if your phone system goes down?

Sales calls go unanswered and may go to a competitor

Customer service comes to a halt as some customers may become impatient

Employees become frustrated

Business partners can’t reach us and become frustrated

Business owners are feeling the crunch and are looking for ways to relieve the monthly budget. When asked they would all say that they value their phone system as well as their maintenance protection plan. However, due to the crunch and newer technology some feel that a maintenance protection plan is no longer needed. This is a very dangerous assumption. Most newer technology means that their voice and data live on the same network. If the network goes down, everything goes down. This now makes response time and resolution a critical issue.

Software driven systems are here. It is now becoming common practice for vendors to only support customers that are current with software updates. Most phone system manufacturers are releasing software updates every 7-9 months. Maintenance agreements are usually the most cost effective way to receive those updates. A maintenance protection plan is a great way to stay current with software as well as keeping your system tuned up with regular maintenance visits.

The strongest asset of a maintenance protection plan is the piece of mind knowing it can protect your critical business communications. Most plans will include a service level agreement to guarantee response times as well as parts and availability for the system covered, remote monitoring, ongoing training support and diagnostics.

When we look at current phone system technology it seems apparent that a maintenance protection plan is an essential part of any budget. It guarantees response times, software updates, keeps the phone system properly maintained as well as end users properly trained.